Molokoa Food Company LLC

4362 Uahiapele Street, Lihue Hawaii 96766 | 808-652-1442

Business Plan - 2015

Executive Summary - Molokoa food company, The Food Truck


Molokoa Food Company (MFC) is an authentic eatery that will provide high quality food and service to its clients. MFC will be a LLC operated by Dr. Addison Bulosan as Marketing Advisor, DC, Chef Adrian Bulosan, and Manager Wesley Perreira.

MFC will provide services to its market that include: authentic local style food and new trending eats.

With approximately 17 mobile food eateries on Kaua'i, mobile eatery is a specialty that can greatly improve the quality food experience available to the residents of Kauai. MFC will be located in the heart of Lihue, Hawai'i. It will be located in the business center across the Historic County Building on Rice Street.

Based on the demographics of the restaurant market, the defined target markets, and marketing plan, the sales projections for the first year (January 1st, 2016 - January 1st, 2017) will be approximately $100,000. The salary of the Marketing Advisor will be $10,000. The salary of the Chef will be $20,000. The salary of the Manager will be $10,000. With a projected 20% growth in year 2, and 18% growth in year 3, this business will be a steady contributor to Kauai's economy and promoting authentic food and service to its community.

A start-up capital of $40,000 to finance the first 3 years of growth for Shakas is required for sustainable business success. With business experience and business support, the owner will be able to begin repayment within a year (June 1st, 2016) upon disbursement of start-up capital. A compilation of a Small Business Loan/Credit Line ($20,000), Family financial support ($20,000), and a Kickstarter of $10,000 will provide a sufficient financial opportunity for the growth of Adrian's Eatery.

Shakas opening date is projected for September 1st, 2015. The immediate disbursement of $20,000 via Small Business Loan/Credit Line will be needed on September 1st, 2015 for business equipment, buildout, and initial marketing.

Organizational Plan


Molokoa Food Company (MFC), will be established in September 2015 as an LLC, providing authentic food and services. This unique approach to contemporary eateries will provide a unique experience for the island of Kauai.


Molokoa Food Company mission is to be the highest valued food service on the island of Kauai. With the ever-growing need for new experiential food services on Kauai due to the growing population and community interests, growing side effects of other food trucks, and demand for contemporary food services, this service will be able to effectively provide an alternative for the residents of Kauai to have an amazing food experience both in service and in taste. With an emphasis on authentic taste, valued customers will experience excellent customer service and high quality food.

Business Model

The LLC is based upon an essential service of high quality food and customer service. With this unique food truck service and atmosphere, the business can effectively provide service to multiple target markets which include: birthday parties, office events, community events, as well as traditional location based eatery experience. It will be a cash-model business. The business will utilize newest technologies such as Square Register to keep the financial structures simple.


The business’s growth strategy is to capitalize the ever-growing young adult population age ranging 25 - 45 in investing their life experience with our unique services and strategically incorporate their developing family events such as birthday parties, celebrations, and other community events. Other target markets that will be assessed are business development events, county events, and weddings. Each target market will receive consistent communications via social media, email, and direct contact for optimal client experience.


The business will be leasing a mobile service vehicle that is approximately 25 sq ft, which is designed to attract our target market, locating itself in the heart of Lihue. Parking will be readily available and hours of operations will be reflective of traffic flow to maximize client experience. The mobile eatery will be designed to maximize the ability to provide value-add programs such as drinks and desserts. The design of the mobile eatery will reflect a calming and sophisticated aesthetic to provide the necessary comfortability for clients. All technologies will be digital and highly protected by an in-network systems configuration to maximize clients experience when interfacing with our clients. Emphasis on food safety and zest will be made as part of the overall feel of the mobile eatery. 

Marketing Plan

Online Survey

This survey is designed to ask questions on how the population would like to try new food and the way that we can effectively communicate to specific target markets.

  1. Family - release August online
  2. Friends - release August online
  3. Community Networks: Kauai Filipino Council - release August online
  4. Online forum of Kauai: Garden isle newspaper - release August online

Door to Door Survey

This survey is designed to ask questions about what they expect in chiropractic care and identify a needs analysis for the demographics.

1. Lihue, Puhi, Hanamaulu - August
2. Wailua, Kapaa - August

Networking / Relationships

1. Family and friends dinner/info tastings

2. 1 to 1 Professional info tastings

Target Markets Descriptions

  • Family
    • Community events - parades, health fairs, elementary / high school events
  • Family and Friends
    • Family cookouts, family gatherings
  • Young Adults
    • Beery Company - events, summer camp, Boys and Girls Club, Sunday school

Ideal Clients Descriptions

  • Families
    • family of any size
  • Friends and Family
    • Immediate family or history of relationship
  • Young Professionals
    • nurses, medical doctors, yoga instructors, nutritionists, acupuncturists, engineers, managers

Marketing Communications

  • Families
    • Email
      • quality food and service
      • Testimonials
  • Family and friends
    • Email
    • Talks / Events
      • Cookout/big idea talks
    • building a healthy community talk
  • Young Professionals
    • Events
  • Young Adults / Children
    • email testimonials
  • Email Marketing Lists
    • Prospect
      • Newsletters
      • Advertising specials
    • Health Professional
      • Newsletters
      • Speaking engagements
      • Networking Opportunities
    • Family and Friends
      • Newsletters
    • Active Clients
      • Newsletters
      • Monthly marketing
      • Testimonials
      • news and updates of events
  • Professional Meetings
    • Business networking meetings
    • Chamber meetings
    • Filipino Council

Marketing Goals - First 6 Months

  1. Online Survey - 500 people
  2. Door to Door Survey - 1,000 homes
  3. Pre-book 50 initial clients from august - september by July 2015
  4. 1 talk/week (jun/july)
    1. filipino groups
    2. friends/family cookouts
    3. businesses - lunch/learn
    4. county offices
  5. soft-open house - July  / August
    1. Family and friends invite
    2. Live music + food
  6. main-open house August /September
    1. chamber welcoming
    2. mayor welcoming
    3. open to public
    4. Live music + food

Start-up Cost + Recurring Cost Analysis

YEAR - 1

Total Overhead: $136,000

Buildout + Office Expense, Salary (Rent, utilities, Office supplies - First 6 months rent-free) -$54,640

Equipment - $17,900

Taxes - $8,000 (Tax setup - $4,400)

Insurance - $1500

Marketing + Salary - $51,400

YEAR - 2

Total Overhead: $151,040

Office Expense (Rent, Utilities, Office supplies) - $60,840

Marketing 8- $7,000

Taxes - $10,000

Insurance - $2,200

Salary - $67,000

Savings - $3,000

YEAR - 3

Total Overhead: $174,040

Office Expense (Rent, Utilities, Office supplies) - $78,840

Marketing - $7,000

Taxes - $8,000

Insurance - $2,200

Salary - $70,000

Savings - $,3000

YEAR - 4

Total Overhead:  $200,840

Office Expense (Rent, Utilities, Office supplies) - $87,840

Marketing - $7,000

Taxes - $8,000

Insurance - $2,200

Salary - $90,000

Savings - $,5000

Timeline - 2016

January: Build connections, formalize business plan, put together marketing

February: Buildout, build equipment, network and develop relationships, soft opening of office, systems test

March: Grand opening, network and develop relationships, take care of clients

April on: follow marketing plan, make adjustments according to response to initial opening